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Large EVA bra travel bags/ cases/ organizers/ Carriers/ Boxes

Large EVA bra travel bags/ cases/ organizers/ Carriers/ Boxes
Product name:Large EVA bra travel bags/ cases/ organizers/ Carriers/ Boxes
Bra bag, bra case, bra travel bag, bra travel case, EVA bra bag, EVA bra case, bra holder, bra keeper, bra organizer, lingerie case, lingerie travel case!
Travel with style, no squashes any more!
It’s really a good help when you on travel or at home, which could hold and organize your bras & panties easily, no more damage to them again!
Now the new bra travel bags are coming now, with new materials & designs!

bra bag, bra case
bra box, bra boxes
bra keeper, bra holder, bra protector
bra carrier,
bra carrying bag, bra carrying case

lingerie case, lingerie travel case
bra travel bag, bra travel case
bra organizer
BH-Tasche, Reisetasche BH, Unterwäsche Beutel, Wäschebeutel

bh taske, bh rejsetaske, undertøj taske, lingeri taske
sac de soutien-gorge, sac de Voyage de soutien-gorge, sac de sous-vêtements, sac de lingerie
Bran laukku, rintaliivit matka-laukku, alusvaatteet laukku, alusvaatteet laukku
브래지어 부대, 브래지어 여행 가방, 속옷, 가방, 란제리 가방
beha tas, bh reistas, ondergoed tas, lingerie zak

saco de sutiã, bolsa de viagem sutiã, saco de roupa interior, saco de lingerie
Porta Organizador de Calcinhas Rosa
Porta Sutiã

organizador sutiã
Organizador de Calcinhas
Organizador de Sutiã
bra bag, bra travel bag, bra organizer
sütyen çanta, sütyen seyahat çantası, sütyen organizatör
bolso del sujetador, bolso del recorrido del sujetador, sujetador organizador
sacchetto del reggiseno, sacchetto di corsa del reggiseno, organizzatore del reggiseno

منظم الملابس
حالة الملابس الداخلية
biustonosz torba
Porta-sutiã - Organizzare

Estojo Porta soutien, Porta Soutien - Underforms
Porta bojo
Porta calcinha
Porta Soutien
organizador del sujetador
Reggiseno viaggio

reggiseno organizzatore
Sujetador Viaje
Organizador de Sutiã
organizador sutiã
Porta Sutiã para viagem
Case Underbra

organisateur de soutien-gorge
организатор бюстгальтер
Case Sutiã
нижнее белье сумка, нижнее белье чемодан
нижнее белье карман, 

вещи сугубо интимные
Чехол для бюстгальтеров
Сумка чехол для бюстгальтеров
Чехол для бюстгальтеров
сумка бюстгальтер
мешок бюстгальтер, сумка бюстгальтер, чемодан бюстгальтер

карман бюстгальтер, баллон бюстгальтер, добыча бюстгальтер
torba biustonosz, Torba na Biustonosze
brystholder taske, brystholder pose
Taske til Silikone BH,
BH-Taschen, BH-Tasche
BH-Taschen für unterwegs, Tasche für Ihre BHs

BH Aufbewahrung, BH Organizer
BH Tasche, BH Beutel, BH Sack
BH Tüte, BH Koffer, BH Reisetasche
BH koffertje, Bh tas, BH reistas

lingerie koffer, BH Reiskoffer
Soutien-gorge sac Voyage
sac de soutien-gorge, sachet de soutien-gorge
Sacs à linge soutien-gorge
Étui lingerie

Poche à soutiens-gorge
Le sac à main soutien-gorge
Sac de Soutien Gorge pour Voyage
rintaliivit laukku, 

Rintaliivien säilytys
rintaliivit laukku, rintaliivit pussi, rintaliivit kassi
rintaliivit säkki, rintaliivit käsilaukku
rintaliivit käsilaukku, rintaliivit matkalaukku
브라 가방, 브라 지갑, 브라 하드케이스
여행용 브라 케이스, 브라가방-핸들형
브래지어 가방, 브래지어 부대, 브래지어 지갑
브래지어 지갑
beha zak, beha tas, beha buidel
bustehouder zak, bustehouder tas
bustehouder buidel
b.h. zak, b.h. tas
podprsenka taška, podprsenka pytel, podprsenka brašna
podprsenka pytlík, podprsenka kabelka, podprsenka zavazadlo
sac sutien, pungă sutien, geantă sutien
sac brasieră, pungă brasieră, geantă brasieră
BH-veske, BH veske
Förvaringsväska för Behå
bh-vaskor, brystholder veske
BH väska
Soutien EVA saco, saco de sutiã
saco de soutien, bolsa de soutien
Organizador de Sutiã, Organizador de soutien
porta-sutiã-cuidado-lingerie, Organizadores de Sutiã
bolsa de sutiã, sacola de sutiã
Organizador de Sutiãs, Porta Sutiãs Organizador
Porta Sutiã, Porta Sutiã/lingerie
ブラジャーバッグ, ブラバッグ
ブラジャーポーチ, ブラジャーボックス
ブラジャー入れ物, ブラジャーケース
ランジェリーポーチ, ランジェリーバッグ

behå väska, bysthållare väska
behå påse, bysthållare påse
sutyen çanta, sutyen torba
sutyen poşet, sutyen çuval
sutyen kese, sutyen av çantası
τσάντα σουτιέν, σακούλα σουτιέν, σάκος σουτιέν
bolso del sujetador, Sujetador bolsa
bolsa sostén, saco sostén
brasier bolsa
bolso porta sujetadores
sacchetto del reggiseno
borsa del reggiseno
borsa porta reggiseno
Reggiseno viaggio
Borsa contenitore da viaggio
Organizzatore Reggiseni, Organizzatore reggipetto
Porta Reggiseni Organizzatore, reggipetto Organizzatore

What’s the size of the bra bag?
BC Series: 13*7*4 inches, length*width*depth
EC Series: 14*9*5 inches, length*width*depth

How many pcs bras can be hold?
BC series is the regular size, which holds 1-6 pcs bras up to 36C or 32D,
EC series is the large size, which holds 1-6 pcs bras up to 36G or 38F,

Is there a mesh bag inside to hold the panties?
Yes, some of the bra bags (Regular size) have the mesh bag inside, but please note that the bra bag will hold less bras if with the mesh bag, since there will some space for the panties.
And the packing will be 40 pcs per carton for the same carton size. So the freight cost is more expensive than others without the mesh bag.

Is the bra bag closure with the zipper?
All bra bags are with button closure, its fast open & close, and more durable than common nylon zipper!

Where can I buy a bra bag?
Well, we are very sorry that we could not retail any products right now, since we are working hard on that!
But you could buy our products from our Distributors or Wholesalers near from you, now our products are available in more than 10 counties & Regions!
Available Countries & Regions:
United States of America, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab, Saudi Arabia, France, Poland, Finland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong.
Please send us your full contact information (especially your name & mobile phone number) to, our distributor will contact you ASAP!

Can I get a free sample?
Sorry, we could not provide any free sample to new clients; we could not afford the cost since there’s so many sample requests every month, we only send free samples to our wholesalers and distributors.

How to place an order with us?
Please choose the styles you liked on our website:,
Or please contact us via e-mail:, we will send the available styles to you to choose!
Then please send us the order list (Item Number & Order quantity per style), together with your full contact information, such as Company name, contact person, address, zip code, telephone number & Mobile phone number, etc.
Please note that the MOQ should be 50 pcs per style, since the packing is 50 pcs per style per carton (25 pcs per style for the large size bra case-EC series).
And the freight cost is more expensive if the gross weight is less than 21 kg.

How to be a distributor of us?
Can I have my own Logo/Brand or Design? If so, what’s the MOQ?
What shall I do if I need my own design?
Please send your design or Logo in PDF file or AI (Adobe Illustrator) file to, our designer will send the artwork to you to check!
Once the artwork has been approved by clients, we will make sample as client’s request for final approve!

Is there any catalogue or price list?
Please contact to fetch the price list, and we will send the updates once we have new designs or any discount!

What’s the shipping ways?
We mainly send the goods via Express Company, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT. Since most of the orders are small quantity and urgently needed.
It would be better if clients already had some ship agent in China, we could send the goods to the forwarder’s warehouse freely!
And we also could send the goods via air, if clients could declare the goods easily.
We will send the goods via sea if the order quantity is more than 1 000 pcs. FOB or CIF terms are ok for us!

What’s the delivery time?
We could ship out the goods within 3 days for available styles.
It needs about 15-20 days to finish the order if the styles are out of stocks!

What are the payment terms?
Western Union
Money Gram

Return Policy
We will take responsibility if there’s any rejected products, please take photo as the proof once you find it, we will refund or send the same quantity free for the next order.

Please feel free to contact us if any suggestions or comments, we will feedback soon!


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