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Please choose the logo styles you liked to promote your business!

Author:Bruce Date:2010/6/11 14:36:21

What are the logo styles we usually use?

Logo style:



1.     silk screen print
Screen Printing 2

Screen Printing 4

Screen Printing 1


2.     heat transfer print
Heat Transfer Printing Logo 1

Heat Transfer Printing Logo 2

Heat Transfer Printing Logo 3

3.     heat sublimation print

Heat Sublimation Printing

4.     fabric label

Fabric Lable logo 2

Fabric Lable logo


5.     rubber plate logo

Rubber Plate Logo

Rubber Plate Logo 2

6.     water transfer print

Water Transfer Print

7.     rubber patch

滴胶印刷 1

8.     embroidery logo

Embroidary Logo

9.     embossed logo

Embossed Logo

Embossed Logo 2

Embossed Logo 3

Embossed Logo 4

10.  laser carve logo